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Yumi Uchimura (内村友美)


ウツロウ、サンガツ (Utsurou, Sangatsu)

Yumi Uchimura on various live performances

Happy 2nd Birthday, riff-rain fan blog!

Thanks, followers! ^_^

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Would you mind if i ask what is your first School Food Punishment song?

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Happy 2nd Birthday to my blog, Riff-rain. Riff-rain is a School Food Punishment (one of my fave bands :D) fan blog. The blog’s original purpose was to bring updates but it quickly turned into a reminisce blog after the band call it quits just 5 days after the blog started ( such timing T_T ).

Although the fan base was kinda small, i had lots of fun memories running the blog like digging Japanese websites for infos and receiving touching messages from some fans.

la la larks

Hideaki Yamasaki (ex-sfp bass) performing live with Ai Higuchi.